Oh summer sun, do please hurry up so I can make like Dree Hemingway and rock big sunnies and tousled hair...



[Bathing Beardsley]

Admittedly, when I started Fash Tub, the name was just a bit of a gimmick that I hoped would be memorable amongst my (too few) readers. However, it now seems that I just can't get enough of all things tub-related, so you can imagine how delighted I was when my friend Katie Beardsley told me about this not-so-squeaky-clean shoot she took part in back in January. I'm not quite sure how she makes panda eyes and wet hair work so well...probably something to do with being massively fit...but the outcomes are totally beautiful and have left me extremely envious, especially about the shoes! Anyway, I'll let the pictures speak for themselves, I hope you love them as much as I do...







For the rest of the shoot and a few sneaky snaps from behind the scenes visit Katie's blog YouLoveMeYes where you can also find some of her amazing style updates. Seriously..DO.IT.NOW

P.S: Miss Beardsley, thanks so much you are a gem xx



Easter may nearly be upon us, but remember...

...too much candy's gonna rot your soul



Today I have decided that being cooler is an absolute must..in fact, it is my mid-march resolution. Perverse as this may be, I must start caring more about that I don't care effect, because uni is hard enough to get up for without being surrounded by a lecture theatre full of 'cooler than me' girls. It all has to start somewhere...



Here at Fash Tub there is no repeat 'pic of the day' feature but if there were, this would be it. Whilst she may not be your run of the mill pretty girl, there's something about Lara Stone that you just can't help but look at as she possesses a unique and empowering beauty, both feminine and stern.

I am also in love with the watercolour florals of this Nicolas Ghesquiere dress...it makes me long for more of those breezy days spent lounging in the Arboretum, sipping ice cold water and caressing the grass.


Top of my ever increasing 'to do' list this term is to finally get myself a haircut. Sadly, saving up enough pennies is a slow process...so in the mean time I guess I'll just have to keep an eye out for inspiration.


It seems like a lifetime ago now, but as a lover of all things tub-like I just had to share this little gem with you all. Here, the beautiful Nikkeh Brazier poses for a Kickers shoot I did with Nic last term. The girl absolutely radiates personality and vibrancy and was a joy to work with, even if we were left feeling EXTREMELY jealous of how cool she is. Thank you very much Nikki and Nic to putting the fun back into uni work! [x]

The rest of the shoot will be coming soon so keep your eyes peeled