Say hello to beautiful blogger Nic Willison of nycjuicebox, my fellow fashion fiend.


"fashion is my boyfriend" she claims.Why yes Nicola, indeed he is.

But oh how he plays the field.



Dare I say it, but I'm not a massive fan of Chloe Sevigny. I mean sure she's pretty and she writes her own rulebook when it comes to style but,,,I just never really got what all the fuss was about. That is, until I saw this snap from the T- Magazine Golden Globes party. It's all too easy to become a little coy looking when your bra's on show and you're in a dangerously short hemline..but with the help of a couple of rocky accessories and a simple up do, Chloe maintains her signature edgy sophistication. I particularly love the way that rose brings out her red lipstick too. Bravo.




Hmm. Another blog post illustrating my disgust for January weather. If only I had a a cerise ava clutch by Mulberry (available at my-wardrobe.com), to brighten up all this greyness. If only. If only.




Perhaps it's because nowadays I struggle to find time to wash my hair, or because I've been known to be a little overzealous with the eyeliner on occasion, but I feel that the little rebel inside me is surfacing. Hence why, when my oversize studded ring snagged on my tights, I decided to rip them to shreds and wear them that way.




Sadly dark winter days mean dark winter hair and my signature gingerness is fading fast, so you can imagine the overwhelming pang of jealousy when I found this beautiful redhead. I absolutely adore the styling too, especially the leotard and bowler.


P.s: ever so sorry my last picture was deemed 'inappropriate' by photobucket. If you click on the red box it will take you to my account which has another copy of exactly the same image, which for some reason they do find appropriate.



Well,today its raining,just for a change.!. But thankfully I did get one little ray of sunshine, in the form of Russh Magazine. I picked up a copy of the Aussie beauty in Melbs last year and rediscovered it in the back of my wardrobe earlier-which is kinda fitting as im currently planning a trip to Sydney. Thankfully they have a pretty good website and blog at www.russhmagazine.com so I've been reaquainting myself and pouring over some of their amazing photo shoots. Naturally, (as Fash Tub is all for wet and warm beautiful bubbly stylishness) I couldn't help but share this...


So onto my Aussie love list goes Russh Magazine, along with Lucas Papaw ointment, Abbey Lee Kershaw and Skippy, the bush kangaroo. Thank you Australia, I can't wait to be back!



2010, WOW. Can you believe it? I sincerely hope yours went off with a bang and you all had a super time. Mine went off with more of a small POP! and I counted down in the comfort of my own living room with my parents, boyf and someone else's dog. I've never really been one for resolutions (I don't smoke, I'm pretty agreeable and I never got so much as a detention in school) but top of the list this year is to be a better blogger- hence why all of 2009's posts are gone. I wont miss them, so you wont either. Also on the agenda is to stop eating domino's, actually use my extortionate gym membership and to reply to texts more. Anyway, welcome to the the new decade bitches bitches

(Piccy from fancyascrew.blogg.se aamazing young blogger)