[The Blonde Salad]

Found this beautiful little stop motion video while having a catch up trawl though Chiara Ferragne's blog The Blonde Salad. If you don't know her name already it's about time you did, as she's and really establishing herself within the fashion related arena and attracting quite the following. Her wonderful writing and photography is mainly style orientated but she also posts about her exciting travels and goings on with friends and family, giving a little insight into her enviously fabulous life. Normally, I'd probably feel a little bit jealous of someone this clearly fortunate, but it's great to see someone who is so distinctly passionate about,,well everything really and who doesn't take themselves too seriously, which makes her impossible not to like. So good work Chiara, and thanks for cheering me up with this cute vid.



Hallelujah!The sun finally showed its face today after goodness knows how many days of just teasing us and it was collectively decided by the girls that it was time to go shopping. I reckon all those rays must have made me like, delirious or something because my normally oh so sensible self was distinctly lacking in self control and my student loan is now somewhat...bruised. I've told myself its fine though because I need these things and they will be useful, especially now summer has officially arrived.Anyway, here is just SOME (yes some) of the goodies I struggled back up the hill with..

[From top. BLACK WEDGES Topshop, BELTS Cow Vintage, GRAZIA Tesco, DKNY BE DELICIOUS FRESH BLOSSOM House of Fraser, RAY BANS Sunglasses Direct Nottingham, NECKLACE I DIY'd]

[Please excuse the photo quality, I'm supposed to be saving up for a new camera]


[Sienna Sienna]

Been practically drooling over my keyboard today whilst browsing the Twenty8Twelve SS collection...for about the millionth time. I'm desperately looking for a dress to wear to a wedding right now and, as I just hate that standard bandeaux and kitten heel ensemble, I thought I might find myself something a little more exciting to wear. Sadly however, no joy and I was just distracted by all stuff I want but can't have! Here's some faves...

[Snaps are from style.com]



Happy Easter bitches ...