Hallelujah!The sun finally showed its face today after goodness knows how many days of just teasing us and it was collectively decided by the girls that it was time to go shopping. I reckon all those rays must have made me like, delirious or something because my normally oh so sensible self was distinctly lacking in self control and my student loan is now somewhat...bruised. I've told myself its fine though because I need these things and they will be useful, especially now summer has officially arrived.Anyway, here is just SOME (yes some) of the goodies I struggled back up the hill with..

[From top. BLACK WEDGES Topshop, BELTS Cow Vintage, GRAZIA Tesco, DKNY BE DELICIOUS FRESH BLOSSOM House of Fraser, RAY BANS Sunglasses Direct Nottingham, NECKLACE I DIY'd]

[Please excuse the photo quality, I'm supposed to be saving up for a new camera]


  1. Love the black wedges..great summer pick! x

  2. Who needs food and school books anyway?