2010, WOW. Can you believe it? I sincerely hope yours went off with a bang and you all had a super time. Mine went off with more of a small POP! and I counted down in the comfort of my own living room with my parents, boyf and someone else's dog. I've never really been one for resolutions (I don't smoke, I'm pretty agreeable and I never got so much as a detention in school) but top of the list this year is to be a better blogger- hence why all of 2009's posts are gone. I wont miss them, so you wont either. Also on the agenda is to stop eating domino's, actually use my extortionate gym membership and to reply to texts more. Anyway, welcome to the the new decade bitches bitches

(Piccy from fancyascrew.blogg.se aamazing young blogger)

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