[ Overdue ]

Much to my dismay, posting is still much slower than I had hoped..not that I've been living the life or anything, but between moving house for someone else, finding a job and tediously unpacking my life back into my old room, I've been pretty caught up. I had set aside yesterday to have a little blog vom sesh too with all the lovely little things I'd been collecting for you, but ended up getting in a massive huff when I saw how many spam comments I had been getting in my absence. It's such a shame because I really do love getting comments and it's so disappointing when I find that some are just viruses, I advise that you PLEASE DO NOT CLICK ON ANY COMMENTS WITH ANY CHINESE SYMBOLS OR RANDOM PHILOSOPHIES..they do not lead to any exciting blogs. I also got pretty distracted by the new templates and design features, hence why I ended up having a major layout overhaul! I was bored of the old one anyway and I know this one is pretty basic right now, but I will get working my magic once I get photoshop back. In the mean time, here is some of what I've been into recently. Let the blog vomit begin....


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